South  Lyon Unified Varsity Hockey

Welcome to South Lyon Unified Varsity Hockey

Welcome to South Lyon Unified Varsity Hockey

Welcome to South Lyon Unified Varsity Hockey Welcome to South Lyon Unified Varsity Hockey Welcome to South Lyon Unified Varsity Hockey

Lakes Valley Conference Champions


Together We Are One

SLU Varsity Hockey is a unified team comprised of athletes from South Lyon High School and South Lyon East High School. 

Head Coach: Bill McCreary

SLHS Athletic Director: Mike Teagan

East Athletic Director: Greg Michaels

Home Arena:  Kensington Valley Ice House

League: Lakes Valley Conference

South Lyon Unified loves their sponsors!! Our team enjoyed visiting several of our sponsors to deliver appreciation baskets and tickets to one of our games. We were happy to be able to honor them during the game.  

Thank you to Follmer Insurance, South Lyon Hotel, Quick Silver, Brostrom Physical Therapy, Jets of South Lyon, Total Performance, Sobania, South Lyon Family Docs, Supporting Strategies, Xtreme Steam, Brown Dog, and DeMaria, 

 SLU Varsity Hockey players had a wonderful opportunity to help out in the community. They built Easter baskets with Families Building Faith which is an organization in South Lyon whose mission is to come together to strengthen each others' faith in a variety of ways. It offers multiple opportunities to grow faith as well as the chance to encourage others.  Each year from January to March, FBF builds thousands of Easter baskets to distribute to various organizations, schools and individual families. Our team had a fun evening building several baskets that will be shared with those in need. It was a good reminder that something as small as an Easter basket can go a long way to encourage and give hope to others. The players channeled their inner child to create cute and colorful baskets. There may have even been a little friendly competition to create the "best" basket, but they all turned out fabulous! 

SLU Varsity Hockey had the privilege of hosting the Motor City Stars.  The Motor City Stars was founded in 2007 to enrich the lives of athletes with disabilities.  Participants represent a diverse group of players, not limited by age, gender, disability or skill set. They welcome any athlete who has the willingness to learn the game, a passion for hockey, and who embraces the philosophy of the team which is to support your fellow teammates, show good sportsmanship, and have a great time. 

SLU put forth a great effort, but they were no match for the Stars who won the game 11-9. The teams came together after the game and enjoyed a pizza dinner and a tour of the SLU locker room. It was a wonderful evening of hockey and true sportmanship! 

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